Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Can you feel it? The excitement (anxiety?) in the air? Thats me.

Vacation!! We head out early Thursday morning, and by we I mean me and the Hub. Rather than the Whole Herd. I still have to pack the kids up, but still the thought of only counting to 1 on the way out the door- it's all new. Seriously what will I do with the extra time?!

From the usual 25-30 minute "GET IN THE CAR, WE HAVE TO LEAVE NOW!!!!" I'll have an extra HOUR. Ummm the possibilities!!

I have a bunch to do, but most is finished... all my little last minute Mom details. Im a little obnoxious in the planning department...and and so hyped up I can hardly type!

The 4 cups of celebratory coffee might have somthing to do with that! I wonder how the coffee is in Oklahoma? I hear TEXAS brews some mean Joe - With a little Sting to it...

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