Thursday, July 17, 2008

kiddie pool maintenence

Here in the Kiddie Pool, the water is getting a bit cloudy. As in the kids have trashed the house, and I am too freakin tired to keep up- and clean up after them all day long. Since ALL the little monkees are here at home. With me. Whining about the state of boredom...Momma has a plan. With a supply of Momma Juice (defined as anything the kids aren't allowed to drink, usually contains at least a little alcohol... sometimes more than others) in the fridge and a house that looks like a disaster zone, the monkees will be bored no more. And knowing I have the Juice to fall back on after my long day of AAARGHHHHHH! I think I can survive. Possibly. In all likely hood, it will still be sitting there a month from now... I tend to use its presence to give me courage :) The whines have been updated to ones listing my meanie-ness. They are already, as a group, decided I am the meanest mom EVER- a title I take from my own mother of course ---Thanks mom!!! I couldn't have done it without your example... --- Right at this very moment they, my adoring children, are debating (loudly) the REASONS why I am so mean. Which is more important? The fact that I won't let them have cheese cake for their 4th breakfast of the day... or that I SMILED when I said, I didn't want hear about it (anything) until their rooms are clean. JJ even thinks that I am a meeeeener 'cause. Just 'Cause. I get the "kid logic" about how "it's not fair" and "Why do I have to" and "I didn't do it!!" or "I ALWAYS have to..." So yes, team- we shall not be bored. Busy, whining, complaining- sure! Bored? Nope. The house shall be scrubbed, and naps will be taken, and moms sanity will remain on the single (last) nerve available. I can keep them busy enough to tire them out, right? YES. I. CAN. My only concern is that they might outlast me~

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