Saturday, July 12, 2008


One of my biggest pet peeves is people that are so wrapped up in themselves, that they have no idea (or care) about anything outside of their little "bubble" of reality. I've met my share of Bubbles, and nothing is quite as frustrating or head shaking as a full on Bubble in action.

There are the Bubbles that talk constantly about ONE subject- non-stop. No matter what is being discussed, or what the situation is... EVERYTHING comes back to that persons "issue." The weather, the news, the bad service at the resturant, the rotation of the all dramatically affected (up for discussion) because of the hyper-focus. They ask questions about their topic of choice, just because nobody had mentioned it in the past minute or so.

There are Bubbles that think They are the all important center of the Universe. Everything that happens is a direct result of THEM being here, and everything that doesn't exactly go their way, is a direct insult (attack) on them. If they are busy- thats all there is, they are busy. The end. If anyone else ventures to have a life, or not be at their own personal beck and call... WOW- thats just unacceptable. Let the fireworks begin!!

There are Bubbles that think only of themselves. With this variety, you can have a complete conversation and the only part that "sticks" is the part about them. IF it is something they happen to be interested in at that precise moment. Everything else just bounces off the bubble, and is lost. " You never told me that!" and "Oh. Well, I didn't know~" All that seems to matter is how "whatever" will effect them, right now. Everything else really doesn't matter. Its all about the Now.

I'm sure everyone has Bubble moments- where you get wrapped up in yourself, FOR A TIME. Get over yourself and move on a little, would ya!? Once in a while at least. Honestly, there is more to daily life that ONE subject. ONE topic. ONE person.

Breathe people, the world can't revolve around ALL of you.

Around here, there are lots of little bubble head wanna be's... not to mention the full on Bubble Heads, and its SO frustrating! The little ones, you can send to their rooms- the Big ones... what can you do but shake you head, take a deep breath, and wait for the bubble to pop. Just so you can get a word in, be heard, or just to change the subject for a second.

It seems to me that the world should be made up of more interaction and compromise and courtesy - than of independent orbits. But then again, I'm a mom... I don't have time to create my own real bubble.

I just blog.

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