Monday, August 18, 2008

diving back in for more...

Oh- another fun filled and exciting Birthday survived. Man, I hate those things. If I could wipe this date out of existence- I don't think I could find the words to adequately describe the happiness that would bring me.

THAT date tend to draw "bad things" in like a toilet drain. Everything gets twisted around, and it goes down hill from there. And none of it is any good.

Honestly, THAT date literally makes me ill. There have been MANY cancelled parties, trips to the circus...and other activities... due to my many birthdays as well as my tendency to blow chunks before the festivities.

I know. You wish you were me.

To add to this wonderful pattern of disasters, sprinkle in (more than a couple) of forgotten ones. Mis-remembered ones... and a tip to all you hubbies out there- DON'T EVER argue with your wife on when her birthday is. She knows when it is. Honest.

I have had a few birthdays that came with life altering news... and that's always a nice added stressor. Come ON!! Getting old... (older) is traumatic enough- don't you agree? Knowing that it comes hand in hand with some always unexpected twist- that is completely and totally predictable in its uniqueness~ it about sucks the life out of you!

And I hate those surprises.

But somehow- I manage to survive. Survived another one- and hope next years will be better. What ELSE could happen? I really REALLY don't want to know~

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