Thursday, October 2, 2008

Yes, its me. Is it you?

So I've been gone awhile. What- did you miss my whining or something?!

I have been trying to survive. School, kids, Kids'school, life in general. It has been a struggle. A lot harder than I thought, or expected, in ways I never thought of. There are so many "coping" type statements we keep telling ourselves, trying to trick us into thinking we have a chance at doing this.

Its a PROFESSIONAL program, not a college course. If it were easy EVERYONE would do this. Fake it till you make it. Sleep is for the weak. Coffee is for the exhausted. Sign me up for both.

My current favorite is "you may feel like you are just treading water..."

People usually just kinda stopp talking there, because treading is all we seem to do.

At least I have experience in that department.

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