Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I know I KNOW!!

It is already November. NOVEMBER people!!

I can't believe it- I have no idea where the time has gone. Other than obnoxious amounts of homework, and 6 "professional quality" papers I have been beating my head against. Seriously- if I had had the notion that I would have to write +30 page paperS (MORE THAN ONE) I would have reconsidered my choice of profession.

"What the hell was I thinking??" has become the mantra.

Ha ha- you would have thought with 7 kids, that would have been the motto LONG ago!!- No one ever said I was quick!!

Aside from going bat-sh** crazy, whats been going on out there in Blog Land? I feel completely out of the loop, I am gossip-less, out of touch, and stressed out. I can occasionally remember what day it is- and was doing ok with the time until the time change.

Being in school full time has changed things around here. My attention span is non-existent. The house is a mess (but thats pretty typical), Hamburger Helper has been sustaining life- (which drives me nuts, but the kids will actually eat it- and its fast- and they EAT it.) I have also realized that I am more (spazzy) scattered, distracted, blonde... now what was I saying ??? :)

I have transformed into a hypochondriac- all the weird disease, syndromes, or conditions... I have them. I swear I do.

The kids have all been pretty healthy- and ornery. Halloween was a blur- I will try and get pictures posted, but wont make any promises. There were witches, mad scientists (mad because he wanted to be a vampire, but couldn't pull a costume together- so he got what he got). We had a dragon (with garlic breath) and 3 buzzing bees. I never would have thought about being a Bee for Halloween, but evidently its pretty popular. Going on 3 years at our house- but I have weird kids. YEA!! I DID post something!!!

Thanksgiving is coming up fast- Mom in Law is going to come up!!That will be nice, we don't get to see her very often. The bad thing about turkey day is that Christmas follows WAY too fast after that.

I cant hardly comprehend that Halloween is over- where did summer go?! And I have not a clue about Christmas- way to much to do and never enough time to do it in.

If this nursing thing doesn't work out, I will have to really look into the caffeine IV, and cloning. 2 very good ideas that are discussed A LOT in nursing school!!

Speaking of caffeine, mine is starting to wear off and the lecture lady is about ready to start up again... I will try to get back here more often. Its nice to (pretend) to talk to grownups out there :)


Sammm <33 said...

I was just reading blogs, and I saw yours (:
This is koool!

Sammm <33 said...

I was just reading blogs,and I saw yours this is amazing (: