Thursday, August 13, 2009


My one child who is allergic to bees, got stung. Again. Like he's a bee magnet!

I would post photos of his last scrape with them... but its scary. This go-round he only was hit once. On the wrist. Much better than on the face, but still not pleasant. So yesterday, when he was attacked- his spot swelled up a little. Not too bad, the ice and benedryl helped a lot. Still, I sat- Epi-pen at the ready just in case.

This morning he wakes up with his whole fore arm swollen, and starts throwing up.

Nothing like an early morning dash to the Docs... where more Benedryl (and get the kids an ice cream would ya?! He's been through a lot!!) were suggested. 15 minutes of a movie and a 4 hour nap later- I think he just might survive.

The bees anyway-

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