Friday, June 11, 2010


Ok, so I graduated WSU (yea me!! Now I need to pass my exam and get a job) my 5 year old graduated from Kindergarten (yea!! All day school next year!) and my daughters born on the same day (who have let me know that calling them Twins, twinners, Dee and Dum- are no longer appreciated) had their ceremony today- Moving up to 5th grade (another school).

I have come to the following conclusions. Graduations are WAY over rated, and happen all to often for any of them to feel like much more than another thing to check of the list.

I am proud of my monkees- and me too- but the ceremonies have to stop!!

people dressed up talking about the future (and not making much sense) and "recognizing" every little thing is a good way to blow a couple of hours- but dont really convey the deep meaning that they should, imho.

Slap on a goofy hat, snap a few photos, have some refreshments and call it good.

We have summer to get to people!!

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