Friday, May 28, 2010

Amazing Kiddos

Of course- I have amazing kids. Absolutely!

And I am not biased at all :)

My Billy just made the HS performance choir... AND he is only a freshman...

My MacKadoo is doinging amazing at school- and can sing pretty well herself. Viks beware...

I have an amazing dancer in the making- Caden can pick up moves like nobody I know

Kayler is my designer- fabric, pencils, paper, color... this girl is creative.

Tommy boy just finished up his first year of Little League- and did great. His coach gave him the award for "best arm" - and the smile on that guys face is priceless.

JJ is loving his t-ball- and has declared himself to be "the bestest one." I would have a hard time arguing with the little man.

Claire-bear is my little drama queen- and couldn't get much cuter if she tried.

I have a pretty amazing bunch. I have a lot of them- and they amaze me every single day. I don't know how that happened- but I couldn't be prouder of them.

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