Monday, April 11, 2011

Ahhh My FAVORITE is home :)

YES, I do mean my laptop!!

I feel like I have been walking around lost with it in the shop. But power cords are important... and one that doesnt shoot little lightning bolts from that little spot where you plug~ thats pretty special too.

There is SOOOO much to tell you! But it all kinda seems like old news now. Not so Bright and Shiny... Kinda like the Trip to the Coast...

We were looking for the Ark after about 10 minutes on the road. Everywhere we stopped people would exclaim how they hadn't seen it rain this much or this hard... "FOR- EV- AAAAAAH." So we drove 5 hours in the wind and the rain, the snow and the hail, over mountain passes, the Columbia River, across state lines, on coastal senic highways. And the rain never let up. It was like being in a really nice shower- lots of water pressure. Steady water flow. And soaked after just a few moments.

The hotel room was amazing- big and roomy... right next to the ocean. We were on the second floor and had a beautiful view of the beach and the waves... in to about four feet into the water before fading into the fog. :(

We were right next to the aquarium... walking distance so we wouldn't be washed away in the tsunami we totally were expecting to hit any second. The kids loved it! touching the slimies, asking questions, buying shells, feeding the sealions... they kept wanting to go back!

We ended up making some adjustments to "the plan" but had a blast. We watched dorky cartoons, went and watched a movie in the local theather... and had the place almost to ourselves. Which was good, because between me and my seven kiddos... we filled up about half of the theater :)

We rode the carosel horses in the little touristy mall, we bought candy and souvineers... squished pennies were the favorite! We had dinner with BigFoot, played Uno and Yatzee. Made up road games, listened to the teenagers tell stories and make jokes. Ate WAY too many snacks.

Made lots of U turns, on purpose of course! LOL found strange sculptures to take photos of. Toured an old Military fort- and found out that my kiddos like the history and stories as much as I do :) They were always looking for another museum, or aquarium, or tour. We even added to our Herd at the Fort- I would tell the kids a little about the history there... and this couple and their two kids always seemed to stay within ear shot. Well, maybe I do get a little excited :D

We scouted for the best gas prices and made a game out of it... theres even an App for that! haha. They LOVED to tell how Momma was pulled over by a State Trooper...(no ticket thankyouverymuch!!) and helped me locate an open late espresso bar.

Sand dollars, soaked kids on the beach, giggles, cuddles, and the best smiles I have seen in a long time. Ahhhhh.

Not the vacation we had hoped for- but SOOOO much bettter. I got to just hang out and enjoy the kids again- the obnoxious, insanely funny, goofy, fun, loving, inquisitive, excitible, HUNGRY, silly, cuddly, absolutely amazing kiddos of mine.

A stress free vacation... one momma and seven kids. Who would have thought it possible. But it was- I couldn't have planned a better one :)

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