Friday, June 10, 2011

Ahhh Summer~~

Hello again!!

School is out... and Im out of a job. Well, one of them anyway :) Such is the life of a School District employee. Hoping for a full timje position next year- so keep your fingers crossed. It would be amazing not to have to juggle 2-3 jobs, 7 kids and very little rest. So cross your fingers- I appreciate it :)

The kids are loving the chance to DO NOTHING. Dyed their hair for the last day of school... always good for a few giggles.

As for me, I still here. Still breathing (with the help of multiple inhalers, and allergy medications) have an allergy screening and a sleep study to look forward too, but I am still here :)

I have been able to get the monkees off to their various parties, to hang out with their friends, movies, sleep overs... and all that goes with it. I have also mannaged, somehow. to keep in touch with My Ladies and my friends. A couple movies here and there, a dinner or two. Drinks with the girls, ahhh its so nice to start to feel like a person.

Didnt know if that would ever be a possibility!!

There will always be chalenges. Chaos. I get that. But its noce to know that there are people out there that dont think I am horrible. Wrong. Mean. Some people kinda like me. LOL And I didnt have to pay them, give birth to them, or even be related to them!

Its amazing to find a little Happy "out there". A little hope. Sanity. Peace.

Things are looking better and brighter.

Now if I could just get a little vacation, nothing could stop me!! hahaha

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