Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Good Morning~

Wow- its really been a while! I feel a bit like a slacker for not keeping up with this- but then I remember... Im a single momma to 7 kids. HA- Guilt No More!!

I have been thinking about you though- That its way past time to update the photos- layout- overal theme in general. Positive positive positive.

Im still treading water- but its starting to feel like its getting a little easier. A little wiggle room. A little stability- or at least stable within the constructs of my chaotic little world!

So, after a bumpy bit of road- I think I am finally getting my groove back. Keep you fingers crossed and I will continue smiling. :)

So brief overview... I still have seven, yes. SEVEN kids... sometimes it feels more like 20 or so- and there are quite a few of the kids' friends I wouldnt mind adopting. There are lots of great kids out there- and they crack me up! Work is going well- although there are lots of recent changes. Not working at the Nursing Home, or the Hospital any longer. Still at the School District, but ws offered a full time job with benefits- so will be leaving the School District right before Christmas. Sad to go, but excited for the new opportunity. Looking into going back to school for my Masters... Im down to 1 job from 3- so I have a free second or two!! HA! The house is still standing, the bills are gettng paid. Summer was a rogh one, but that aspect is turning around. AMEN. I have Super Awesome new friend- who likes me and all of my qurks, who makes me laugh and makes one heck of a Manwich dinner. :) Smiling is a good thing, Laughter in the house is even better. I feel healthy, empowered, appreciated, and hopeful. Things are going well (knocking on wood)- Of course there is the usual Crazy that keeps life interesting... and more about that tomorrow. Peace Out~

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