Friday, December 2, 2011


So Friday night is here, I am in my PJs and very excited that I DONT HAVE TO WORK THIS WEEKEND!! Still pulling the multiple job thing- finishing up one, orienting on the other... but neither are open on the weekends! Yea me!!

I had a fantastic week- spent with my Chaotic Herd and a really great guy. Started the New Job, had 2 turkey dinners- (that I didnt have to cook!) and am feeling pretty darn spiffy.

I say as I am knocking on the wooden desk top.

The Teeners are out Ice Skating with their friends...together. THe Winter Ball is tomorrow... and so is the Lighted Parade. The weekend will be anything but calm, but it should be fun!

Looking forward to a little Christmas shopping, and crafting- and spending time with the people I heart the most. Aaaaahhhh, doesnt seem to get much better than this :)

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