Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Happy Birthday

Billy is 13 today. It still doesn't seem real. Have I really been changing doapers for 13 years?!
He is turning into such a good guy. I can't believe something THAT good came from me. Yes, He's a dork. And a smart ass. I take credit for that :) but he is also incredibly kind, thoughtful, and protective (at times) of all of us.
He is an all around good guy. I am happy to know him. Enjoy spending time with him. And am PROUD AS HELL that I am his Mom.
Even if I am not old enough to have a teenaged son.

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Carol said...

I agree, he's a very good kid, turning into a great young man. I'm proud to be his grandma..he is protective of his younger brothers and sisters, as he should be. What a great grandson.