Saturday, April 21, 2007

Saturday, the day of ???

Here I was, hoping for a nice relaxing, boring, homebound? day. After last week- and "good times" spent in the van- the hours and hours and HOURS spent. In. The. Van.
NOPE. No such luck.
List in hand, off to Home Depot. Again. On a Saturday. AARGHHHH!!! But I had a plan! :) Not too bad- had specific things to get, a strict list (with precise descriptions) and we got there early enough that it was an almost tolerable jaunt. We even stopped by Walmart. Again. On a Saturday. Evidentally, we won some sort of cosmic lottery, got in and out- in one piece.
I almost fell asleep waiting for Steven to come out and get his lunch- but other than that, haha, a nice morning. Came home, re-painted the bathroom (same color, 2nd coat) and an now kaput. I am so tired, I can't hardly keep my eyes open and my fingers moving.
I would still like to know when MOMS get a weekend!! Or a nap. A guilt free nap... Yeah!!
Totally a change of subject, but I just saw the weirdest thing. As I started to type out this whiney post... I spotted the twins off in the other living room. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see one of them log rolling back and forth across the floor. She'd bump into the wall and roll back the other way. Then her sister (aka The Other One) would run and do a fancy little leap thing over her, wait until she had bounced and started rolling back- and do her leap the other way. They were both DEAD serious about it, not smiles, like it was a matter of great importance. Is the roll strait? I must time the leap and hold my arm just right. They did this over and over and over. It was hypnotizing- in a weird sort of "what are they doing NOW- Twins are SO weird" sort of way.
I will never understand their secret little whispers, or the reason for the giggles they share... but I am so glad that they do. Always in Amazement! Weird, but worth it.

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