Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Lazy Lazy... Busy?!

I know, I know. It's been a while. When you are too tired to breathe, it's really hard to type. I've tried. It comes out all
isurnmkdfhio dfjioasdfs,7823782359dfnkl;aghio
BUT the good news is, I have actually done something today. I de-frosted the big freezer- it sucked, but check one off the "to do" list. I did also put up some more pictures. On the site that I have figured out.
Yes, I am challenged. Thanks for asking!!
Here is the site. I don't know if you need sign in to see them, but Mud Monkees ROCK!!
Well, things are slowly getting back to "normal" so hopefully (cross your fingers!) I will get back to this on a more regular basis. It seems to be a nice sanity break, almost like talking to grown ups at the grocery store. The non-creepy kind. It's kinda nice to share all the dorky stuff that the kids do- and whine about all the laundry they make. They don't seem to stop just because I am too exhausted to spread the word.
Stay tuned. Sometimes we do something interesting!

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