Saturday, June 23, 2007

Big Rock~

I hate Saturdays. Sundays don't appear much more exciting.

Bluntly put, huh? Today has been nothing special, but that- by default, means generally crappy. I spent all morning thinking it was Friday. Again. But other than Taco Tuesdays Grand Adventures, the days seem to all blend together. EHhhhh.... I wanna go DO something. Anything. Especially if I could do it without all the usual road blocks, "If we only, " and the other assorted BS that seems to always get in the way. Babysitters, gas prices, un-finished homework- unexpected expenses. Will the van be OK? But the baby's teething... WHAT happened to the windshield? I feel like the poor camel. Pile it on, pile it on... and all it takes is a little nothing to knock everything over. This delicate, and completely fragile balance that I try so hard to maintain. Doesn't feel like I'm doing to well with it at the moment. I used to think I was pretty good at working around "complications" to make things work out- maybe not exactly as expected, but they would be OK. I can't seem to even come up with options anymore. It all seems like to much work ro bother even trying to figure something out. Ehhh. Maybe I'll figure iot out someday~

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