Monday, June 25, 2007

Chunk. Chunk-chunk.

Today was different.

Went and picked out the new (to me) washer and dryer. Ours OF COURSE- died within a week of each other. Very nice. At least they were considerate enough for one to short out, and the other to flood the laundry room. Alternately.

Anyway, they are GONE. Bye Bye Peg and Al... Hello to Betty and Barney. I figured I should name them, I spend SO MUCH of my life in their presence. This way I can pretend they are friends of mine, and people won't think I'm looney when I go on and on about the time spent with them.

I know, I need to get out more.

So after that lovely CHUNK of the budget, I made an appointment to replace the windshield of "The Cool Car"... chunk chunk.

Now I get to plan and prepare for THE July. We have 5 family birthdays in July- My Sister, My hubby and 3 kids. So, it's a lot like Christmas around here. But with more cake. And no tree.

Chunk chunk chunk.

Ahhh, and here I sit. No job, no school...and me naming the apppliances/

Wow, I love this town- and all of its opportunities. Honestly, if I had a life (outside of these walls) I never would have met Betty. And that would just be sad.

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