Monday, January 14, 2008

Back into the grind

Mondays are horrible. I'm sure I am the first to bring this to your attention.

It takes the 2 weekend days to start to wind down enough to actually start thinking about rest and recuperation... so when you are ready for it (Usually late Sunday) the cruel joke is that you have to get up on Monday.

I think the kids are in on the joke- you can't get them out of bed for anything on a weekday. Well anything reasonable... threats and promises eventually stop working. But come the weekend- they are up before the sun.

How wrong and twisted is THAT? Just another thing they leave out of the "So you are a parent now...(snicker snicker!)" book. Really someone should write about how parenthood REALLY is. Global population issues would cease to be a problem.

Well, that and personal experience with the smelly end of an 18 month old is also a pretty powerful deterrent.

So anyway. Monday is here. Not as ready for it as I'd like to be... but it's here none the less. Better pull on the boots and start wading...

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