Saturday, January 12, 2008

Survivor... College Sciences

Finished up my first week back at school- Fried some bacteria, turned in my Nursing school application- anxiety laden week... and now we're making our way through a teenage over nighter.

Billy has his buddy spending the night... Pizza, Mt Dew, PlayStation3... and giggly little sisters. Clara spent the first 20 minutes standing in front of the friend- just STARING. Poor fella was sitting on the couch, the 3 blondies were hovering... and there was Clara, 3 inches away from his knee- looking at him like he was green with 3 heads.

Welcome to our home... these will be your stalkers.

Made the Saturday morning run to Wally's this morning... broke my "go before 10am!!!" rule... and remembered exactly why I made the rule in the first place. But I had to get the pizza... Billy informed me that Bud (name changed because I am sure something embarrassing will happen- to someone...and without posting his name, I can write ALL ABOUT IT and not feel too guilty about it) was coming at noon, and he liked Hawaiian pizza. Why do I care what Pizza he likes? MOM... anytime we have people over you ALWAYS get pizza. Except grandma... then you just ask her if she wants water or something.

Predictability in my old age? Works for me... at least people know what to expect.

Do you want pepperoni with that?

I have enough kids now that one can become a Dr, one a Lawyer, an Accountant, and still have a few left over to work in the pizza place... and bring me some! Steven thinks they should all work at different places, so we have a menu selection...Some days that sounds like a really really good idea :)

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