Thursday, January 24, 2008

In other news...

Besides purty van adventure... this past week was quite full. Well, maybe it was just the weekend- it went way too fast.

3 Bob birthdays, my nephew (1/13)- my brother (1/19) and my dad. (1/21) I know we have a bunch in July too- but ours are spread through out the month... thats still a lot of cake though!!

I had a MicroBiology test... and true to form, planned to do all my major studying the weekend before the test. First tests of the quarter are always a little anxious, especially with a new instructor. Not sure how he tests, how much BS you can actually get away with...and what the heck you are supposed to be studying anyway.

Saturday I picked up the van, got hit with a monster migrain, fell on the icy steps and slept until about mid day Sunday. Takes a chunk out of your weekend, if you are sleeping through it. Not restful sleep either- dang it... sleep is nice!!

But the weekend study time was non existent...and I fell into my usual up all night the day before the test. Quiet time is hard to find around here!! I think the test went ok- but I find out tonight. Cross your fingers for me.

Lots to do... but it is very cold and slow moving this morning. More tests, more dishes, more laundry... not what I am looking forward to. More coffee- now I could get motivated for that!!

Oh man... I just lapsed into chemistry brain. "how many calories of energy will it take to raise the temperature enough for my fingers to regain feeling?!" And all I wanted was a latte!!!

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