Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Trudging forward

I think I have the Januaries. Maye. At least I can call it something!

Went to the first class of my night Microbiology class. 6:35-9:35pm. Tuckered by 8, revived by 9... then couldn't get a good nights rest. Again.

Destined to be exhausted, and grumpy :)

Well, I finished up my application packet for Nursing school- turning it in today!! Meet the lady who will be my fill in kid sitter- she seems great. Josh has her boys in line, following him in to trouble- and Clara has a baby crush on the youngest boy. Oh man. She lives up a steep, and yesterday snowy, street... we made it about 3/4 the way up it... and then slid back about half the distance. Parked at the neighbors and hiked the rest of the way.

Made just enough dinner for the kids to eat, Hub to have seconds... and for Clara to drop hers. That never happens (making the right amount, not Clara pitching hers!!)- Its always too much or not quite enough + left overs.

Josh tried to figure out how many of Clara blocks would fit into the toilet, flooding the bathroom....before he was caught and sent to bed. I think the record is 3... maybe 3 and a half.

Well I should be doing my home work- or cleaning the house- or getting out of the PJ's. But the kids had late start at school, and my groove is severely shifted. Viable reasoning?!!? I think so~

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