Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Messing with the Mojo

Wow, long ago I used to really love 3 day weekends. But that was WAY before kids...

Now the 2 "off " days are about the limit of what I can handle while retaining the slightest inkling of my supposed sanity. I tend to take up those 2 days by holding my breath, letting things slide, dealing with a new set of rules, expectations, and behaviors... counting down till The Schedule can be reinstated.

I'm a loser. I know.

But I like the schedule. The organization. The conformity. Most of the time!

I have a morning routine, a way I take care of lunches. The kids and their chores , I deal with them in my own way- on my time frame. When Daddy-o gets home we have things pretty much set too. When dinner is, and the baths and all the stuff that needs to be done. It gets done. It may not (highly unlikely to be) perfect, but it's what I do. And I like that I have a flow to it.

Throw a 3 day weekend on me, and I stall out. I don't know, I just fall back and feel like I am on damage control. The usual weekend schedule doesn't work, the running I do on Mondays- is pushed back until later. Which changes the flow for the whole week. I should hang out with the hubby, because he's home... but I have Stuff To Do...I feel bad about doing it, I feel bad if I don't do it.

He thinks I sit around and eat bonbons watching soaps on TV anyway... but I do actually accomplish! things! Just because they are the Behind the Scene type things, they don't seem to count as much as if I had just completed a barn raising or something. It's not that I am bringing in a paycheck... but having dinner served to you, clean laundry waiting for you, and an ample supply of TP at the ready SHOULD count for something, right?

Since Independence Day (mom defination: STILL not a day off for mom) was on a Friday this year, we had a long weekend. Which is ok, if you have plans, friends, or something to do... but we didn't. It was just another day around here.

So, I lost my groove. Worrying about the little things (like when I can reschedule the Bonbon fest) and if I am being un-social by doing my things, or grumpy because I am not doing them... The groove was sacrificed.

And losing the groove- is a hard thing to do.

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Shamelessly Sassy said...

I know what you mean. And having an ample supply of TP is the best thing ever. I hate running out. haha. Nice blog, by the way.