Saturday, March 26, 2011

rain rain rainy rain rain :)

I feel like I should have already started on my Ark...

I love rainy days. I love the smell, the cozy cuddle up weather. Counch time with the kiddos and soup on the stove... ahhhh.

That being said- my short ones.... not so excited about a rainy trip to the coast. I dont get it! The beach is the beach no matter WHAT the weather... and you go for the sand and the water anyway, right? If its rainy you just get to the water part forst... without really trying :)

I love the beach. I dream about the beach- I write about the beach. If I could I would MARRY the beach... just ask my six year old. "If you love it so much mom, why don't ya just marry it?!" I tell him its tempting.

You can tell if the ocean is in a bad mood- just by looking at it. It sometimes leaves you little suprises. You always know its there. It wont tell your secrets. It roars just enough that you dont feel like you are alone, even if you are alone. Every single day you get to satert fresh- a clean slate- the marks of the day before are erased with the tide.

Verrrry tempting.

I keep hoping that I will go down and hit the lottery, find an awesome house- get a fantastic job offer... and will be able to stay. Just like I wrote in my high school yearbook. "You'll find me on the coast.."

Actually, one of the little known facts about my love affair with the beach is that it is pretty much only the Oregon coast that gets my attention. Washington coast smells a little funny... and then there is the issue with the werewolf indians and the pale but sparkly vampires up here. WAY too much drama. I wont even get started about all the plastic on the California beaches. Oregon is just right :)

The other more little know fact is that I think I prefer it in the rain. And in November. And when it is grey and cold and nobody is there... I think I like it that way the most.

So while the kids are whining- I am beyond giddy with anticipation- a rainy couple of days on the beautiful coast... I CAN'T WAIT!!!

Now I just have to remember to buy some of those lotto tickets :)

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