Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Smarty Britches

My kiddos are smart. Smart assed. Smart mouthed. And just plain ole too smart.

They ask lots of questions- and most of them are relevant. Some- not so much. Some break my heart. And some are just "above their pay grade."

Being a mom- is not an easy thing. I have to come up with responses for "why?" and "yea.. but WHY???" When they are really short, I could get away with "because I said so" but it doesnt seem to work as well as they start to get taller than me.

I often wonder where some of these lovely inquirys come from... other times I know EXACTLY where... and why... but still dont understand the logic behind it.

From the teenager that wants to know whats wrong with getting his tounge pierced for his birthday....and WHY I said no- to the kids repeating questions about the specifics of my divorce. I've gotten a lot of questions about things they really don't need to know the minute details of- but do... and how do you try and explain things that are hard for a grown up to understand?

I have always tried to keep things simple for the kids, honest but simple. AND to not pass blame, or hurt feelings, or insults about ANYONE that they care about.

My kiddos are smart. They know what they have seen, they know who cares about them, and they know they can ask me anything. And they do... No matter how uncomfortable, hard, and unanswerable the queries may seem...I will still do the best I can to help them understand.

'Cause I said so!

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