Sunday, April 1, 2007

April Fools

Today was nice- we had Sunday breakfast at Mom and Pops... gotta love those waffles! We hung around and the kids played- like it was Spring or something :) Outside in the sunshine. Beautiful. The kids wait all week for Sundays. Mom and Dad live maybe 10 miles away, and we see them every week. The kiddos act like they NEVER do- So it is the big rush to get there, and the dragging of feet to leave. Always. I really like my Sundays- I get to speak to adult type people. Yes, they are my parents... but I kinda like them anyway. Hopefully my kids will feel the same way when they get old. Like me. The running joke between my hubby and my dad is that food is served. Pa says they only get "to eat like this" when company comes over. Steve says the only time he gets to, is when we go somewhere. HAHA. My bathroom scale says otherwise. A LOT otherwise. Anywho, today the trampoline was the activity of choice- my little duckies out there flipping and flopping. Little Man was out there too- on the Jump-o-lene. You can't correct a 2 year old. Just roll with it. It's a good thing they are cute. :) After breakfast, passing the baby, jumping on the Jump-o-lene... we loaded up for the fun and excitement of.... garage cleaning. Honey, look! We are doing something as a family!!- Yup. FUN times!! Why is it SOOOOO easy to collect, compile, and horde tons of (CRAP) treasures- and so hard to sort out, re-organize, and (sniff sniff) let go of them later? Steve was all smiles- his shop was clearing out. Me, happy about it? Not so much. To put it lightly... REALLY not so much. But the deed is done. Ashes to ashes... back to whence you came. Goodwill- we'll see you in the morning! hummm... I wonder what new stuff they have in?? Well, in the spirit of April Fools day... I happened to mentioned my dependence on spell check. You'd think after 3 years of college, I could spell. A little. Hubby comes up behind me and says "Yea, it's a good thing I didn't marry you for your intellect. I did it for your tight, hot, body." AND he said it with a straight face. After having 7 kids... 'tight,' 'hot,' and 'body' have NO business being anywhere near each other, let alone in the same sentence. But then again- it IS April Fools!! I'll get him back later.

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