Friday, April 6, 2007

My Hubby ROCKS.

Really, that should say it all. I shouldn't have to type another word. BUT he's amazing, so I will continue :) ---------------------------------------------------------- Some days, he's pretty good. Some days, I want to throttle him. Most days it's a little of both. Today- He Rocks. -------------- Today was our anniversary. 4 years ago, we hopped into his car- and eloped. To Idaho. Not the first place that comes to mind when you think of romance? Well, maybe it should be. It worked for us!! ----------- Those of you who have NOT had the experience of elopment- you really don't know what you are missing. Big Bills, Big Headaches, Big Stress. Yup, you are missing a lot! Elope. Relax. Enjoy the experience. Come home- and spend the big bucks on something important. Like more shoes. ------------- But, I got off topic. My Honey Rocks. I get brownie points for each time I post that phrase!! ------------- Well, first of all- HE REMEMBERED. That alone is huge. AND he almost got the date right. To his credit (in his defense?) when we ran off and got hitched- we did spend the whole weekend away. His thinking is that The Weekend should count as the anniversary, not the specific, exact date. So he's got a 3 day window. He's cute. It'll work. ------------------- So #1, he remembered. #2- he made PLANS. -------------------- My Hubby rocks! (4) ---------------- He had this piece of paper that he carried around with him. For a few days. He'd pull it out, write a little something, and sneak a peek to see if I was snooping. Then he'd put it away really quickly. And MAN, was he protective of it! A wee bit annoying, but he's cute. My hubby rocks. (5) --------------- He also spent the week before The Weekend going over memories of The Day. Very sweet. Bringing up, and talking about all the stuff you kinda hope your guy things is important or special- but being a guy, they rarely do. Mine did. He does. My hubby rocks. (6) ------------- HE set it up with my mom to watch the kids so we could have dinner together. On his own. I didn't have to do it. He rocks. (7) ------------- He took the twinnies on secret errands- which means he spent lunch with two beautiful blondes, and went shopping. Did I mention my hubby rocks? (8) --------------- So, I took the kids to moms- he was going to come and pick me up. Like a really date. Front door service- My hubby rocks. (9) -------------------- We went out to dinner. ALONE. No kids, car seats, sippy cups or packed diaper bags. AWESOME. My hubby rocks. (10) --------------------- We get to the resturant. It's our favorite. It's literally the only one we EVER go to (without a drive thru.) It has actual chairs, and serve festive adult type beverages. Big time!! I happened to have my usual- a Shirley Temple. I know, hold your comments. I am a lush~ . Back to the nitty gritty- We get to the resturant, the one with chairs, and we are led to our table. There, with the reserved sign................... A dozen roses................. And a card................. And a tiny little box.................. Just waiting for us. For me............... Did I mention the teary eyes? Or that my hubby rocks?? (11) -------------- Sniff, Sniff. Too sweet. Too thoughtful. Too cute. Too much~ The roses- Beautiful. The dinner- Loverly. The little box held gorgeous emerald earrings. The card, was too perfect to describe. ----------- The paper he had carried around, he was writing a poem. Just for me. With little bits of "us" in it. He wrote it all down in the card- not just a quickly scribbled signature, he wrote me a poem. On the card. That I will keep FOREVER and EVER. BECAUSE MY HUBBY ROCKS!!!! (12)

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