Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Spring Break

Well, working on Day 2 of Spring Break 2007. Keep your fingers crossed, I might actually make it. Maybe. Yesterday, the eldest 5 started swimming lessons. Free lessons at the local Y- so it was a nice way to see how they took to it... and see if the Membership fee was worth the budget chunk. So far, it looks like the Y will have a few more regulars. The kids love it- kicking and splashing is always good, and everyone needs to know how to swim. So yesterday, we all loaded up early to get there on time. Evidentally the other parents didn't think that would be important. WE were on time- not just because I HATE to be late, but other people have things to do too!! Anywho, it was packed. Lots and lots of little kids, and parents too. Leaving was a nightmare- as their class let out, another was just starting. Crazy, crazy, crazy. We survived. And planned to make today go smoothly. We went, already dressed in suits, and left with clothes tossed over them. Flip flops instead of trying to force wet tootsies into socks and sneakers. That, and the fact that the number of people in class (and watching it) drastically went down. Less than half of the kids were there, and only 4 or 5 'sets' of watchers. Me and the teenie weenies were one set. In and out- Ahhhh NICE!! Besides the daily swimming lessons, the kids had/ have BIG plans. Lunches in town, running the track (to see who is fastest of course!) picnics in the park, library, walks on the Greenway... going to Grandmas. We are working on the list, but it's taking a while to get a routine going with everyone home this week. I'm sure that by the time I get it to work, they will be heading back to class. With all this excitement -haha-, I need a long weekend! BUT this week is my anniversary...AND Easter, so Mom is postponed again.

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