Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Oh the things they do~

Let me first say this... SHE'S OK! But after all these photos of the local playground I have posted... I feel a little like I have promoted the fun and playful goodness a bit too far. I in no means meant to promote the Jungle Gym, the swings, the "turny-around and around until you feel like you are going to blow chunks on your brother" thing, the wiggly on a spring Motor Cycle (of DEATH... if you weigh more than 15 pounds!) I ESPECIALLY did not mean to promote, endorse, or in anyway highlight the Monkee Bars of Doom. Be warned, be warned. The things that can happen- defy belief!

Yes, once again. The Playground Strikes Back.

We have had our share of broken bones, skinned knees (and chins), rope burns, chain pinches, and over heated tushies in the plastic slides. We have experienced bumps and bruises, cuts and scrapes. The treatment of which has ranged from Magic Healing Kisses, promises of ice cream- or severe beating of the offending sibling (if only in threat) band aids, Dr visits and the always pleasant trips to the ER.
Those are extremely fun when you have ALL of the children in tow. Yes, 7. In the waiting room. FOR HOURS.

It stinks when the poor, coordination free (where would they ever EVER get that trait from?!) monkees get banged banged up in the presence of a parent- but it SUX big time when they do it when they are off somewhere else. The details of the incident are ever changing, and most often very improbable in description. The playground is like Vegas... what happens on the 'ground, stays on the 'ground. "She fell" is about as good as it gets for an explanation.

Luckily (Small favors!) I didn't have to take the whole Monkee Bunch, the ER trip lasted only 2 and a half hours. There was no permanent damage, and the swelling will go down. Thank goodness it was a female monkee,... But be warned. Those bars are DEADLY!

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