Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Old photos

A friend recently had a really REALLY good idea, and because of that- I dug out the boxes (and boxes and boxes!) of old photos. The kind on paper. That you had to wait on to get developed. The kind that start out on rolls. Which I still have a bunch of to go have developed. The ones where you shoot- and cross your fingers that you hope you got the snap that you wanted, and wouldn't be able to find out until it was to late to try again.

Any who- I got to sort through them all again, and I am still amazed. All these little monkees were tiny. Once. They were cute, and hairless and snuggled ALL THE TIME. How can they all grow up to be non-stop eating machines, in need of hair cuts and sneakers? What really seems strange, is that I can look back at those old photos and it feels like yesterday- When Kenny cut her hair. At school. On her own. When Billy had his first band concert, baseball game, and rocket launch. When the Twins each lost their first tooth. The same day.
When Tommy started to walk. When JJ popped his first eyebrow... JUST EXACTLY like Daddy O. When Clara turned into a little person, not just the blanket wrapped bottle hugger.

Looking at their tiny faces and comparing the "same ages." Its almost creepy how much they look alike- Clara and Joshy's baby shots have been confused with each other. So have Tommys and Joshy. If you look at the Blondies (Caden, Kayler and Kenny) they look like different sized triplets. Sometimes they have been confused for them- in person. Tommy has occasionally been thrown into the "are they triplets?" loop too- he IS as tall as the Two-fer.

Amazing. They all seem so different sometimes, but other times they are hard to tell apart. Especially when they try and "Trick" but even when they aren't trying. And it's not just the twins. I am SO glad I labeled their baby pictures, I just wish I had been a little better with the dates too. Or putting them in albums.

I am such the slacker there. Great intentions, not so great with the time to complete them all :) Really- You should see my lists!

It was a blast digging through the piles again, maybe I'll get around to setting them up right this time. Or maybe just developing the rest of the stockpile I have. Or maybe just recharging the battery of my digital.

Baby steps, it all starts with a single one~

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