Thursday, June 7, 2007

Who am I??

Yesterday the cops showed up. 2 of them. At my house. In uniform. And official looking sunglasses- and even more official stern no smile looks on their faces. Bradges a blazing in the afternoon sun- all official like with papers in hand.

Them: knock knock... Ma'am (I'm not THAT old, am I?) We need to have a word with you.

Me: (swarmed by the kids) Umm, yes?!

The Kids: Ohhhhhh what did you do? Are you going in the car? Can they turn the sirens on?! They saw you run that red light! At least I HAD my seat belt on...

Me: What can I do for you? (While trying to descretely toss "the look" to the loud, swarming mass of children huddled around the door and windows)

Them: Is this (insert my address here)...

Me: Yes, (Gulp) what's the problem? (While trying to run down any and all possible infractions that may (or may not) have happened... hoping that they weren't here for the actions of one or more of my children. Throwing rocks came to mind for SOME reason...)

Them: (pause... shuffle papers...look at me, and back to the papers...) We are looking for Angela (whats her name... the lady that lived here 5 or so years ago.)

Me: BIG SIGH (of relief? :)

I told them that she used to live here, had not in 5 years... but we still got a lot of mail and phone calls for her. Poor fellas, they looked like I had let ALL the air out of their balloon... "Another dead end Earl~"

The Kids: So they AREN"T taking you away? And we don't get to hear the sirens??

Still trying to figure out which group was more disappointed... the Police, or the Monkees.

So, while still trying to figure out "who I am" I can mark Angela off the list. They came, they saw, they declared me Not To Be.

At least thats one down...

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