Friday, February 1, 2008

Clara Lovin'

Clara loves... everything.

Not just everyone... everyTHING. Today at the $100 store (aka Wally World) I was busy pulling out a huge stack of Totinos from the freezer.... and I heard a laugh behind me. As I turned around thinking what did I do NOW?! I see the lady pointing at my cart saying "ahhhhhh How cute!!!" Now that I know she wasn't refering to me :) I see what Clara was doing.

Evidentally I left the cart close to the side of the bread isle... UNLIKE MOST WALMART SHOPPERS who just stop mid stream, thankyouverymuch. I left the cart and Miss Clara close enough to the bread that she could reach over and touch it.

In her constant search for lovin' she pulled out a loaf and found it to be quite cuddly. Pulled it out a little farther and hugged on it some more. The lady had watched her pull and snuggle, then look around to see if I was watching, then pull and cuddle some more. Ahhh forbidden love~

Oh for the love of whole wheat!

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