Sunday, May 23, 2010


Friday was a day- like no other.

I did so much stuff it took a while for me to sit and spill! LOL

Helped my friend move... it was a 4 nurse event...and I swear I will sell everything I own before I pack up all my crap and move again. Im sure I wont- but wow. Moving sucks. I haven't had to in a while (knock on wood) but sure did come to appreciate the Army Movers.

My Friend is on her way to Michigan- By Leslie... keep in touch Lady!! and drive safe. Oh yea- BUY A KINDLE ALREADY!!!!

Came home, picked up the Teen.. and spent 3 hours at the ER. Teenage games of Leap Frog is a growing epidemic in our community. Especially when the (dork) misses the mark, flies over the kid, and slams his shoulder into concrete floor. Not broken, just sprained. And has a lovely sling to show for it.

He does have supportive friends who texted him in the ER..."hear you fell off a horse and was hurt! Good thing the Walmart greeter was there to unplug the pony before more damage could be done. Becareful!! We worry about YOU!"

Kids- sometimes they are dorks... other times they can be funnier than ... um the dorky things they do!

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