Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rain Rain ...

So I am feeling like I have lost some of the shiney... New grad- sch-mad. Just another expensive piece of paper. BSN definately has more than one meaning.

Sitting here on a rainy day - one of many lately. ANd I can't get enough. Starting to think that Ireally do live on the wrong side of the state... the not green one. Maybe THEY would hire a new nurse?? It would make the beach commute less of an issue.

Ummmmmm Beach.....

Yesterday was pretty cool though.I was able to watch a very good Little League game (in the sunshine!!) yesterday. T hit an awesome line drive- that his teacher was there to witness- and she got so excited she yelled out "Yea Tommy!! No home work for the rest of the year!!!"

Gotta love that!!

I got to hang out with my niece too- cute little thing. Almost makes me wish I had a tiny hiney around here... then she filled her britches :)

Not a bad way to finish up the day... Then I had to ruin it by trying to study. Bad, bad bad, BAD.

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