Wednesday, May 26, 2010


So this morning started with a monsoon and a prayer. A prayer that th rain would keep a'coming till 6pm so I could reschedule some of the stuff that my way overbooked Wednesday had in store for me.

Mother Nature is NOT my friend.

So I go to miss EVERYHING!! I had a little league game (last of the season and I had ye to take a photo) that started at 630pm, 2 teens in their last choir concert... at 6pm, and the pick up of a feild tripping twinner sometime between 530 and 630pm. So....

Called in the Momma back-up (my mom - thanks ;) )to come to the game and take photos.... Daddy-o was coaching. Dropped the teens off at 530 and went to the warm up of the slugger. Got a call from the twinner... ran to pick her up....waited for 40minutes in the school parking lot... ran to the concert... the last 10 minutes that DIDN'T involve my spawn... and by then the baseball game was over.

Super mom my arse- I missed EVERYTHING.

Oh and the rain stopped at 4- bright and sunny, no wind... just a bunch of puddles- I shoulda been prayng for rain all season- this was the best weather we've seen all year.


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