Wednesday, May 12, 2010

LONG day...

Today I ran.

Not in the traditional "cardio workout" fashion. It was more along the lines of "crazy ass busy mom" run. On the go- Some days even I don't know how the heck I do all the little things I do- and still avoid the looney bin.

One kid off on the bus, RUN the twins in- they needed to be to school early. RUN HOME. Get a 'mergency text to rescue my brother...load up the rest of the kids and RUN. Almost get there and he saved himself. Yea! for him... RUN back to school to drop off the boys on time. RUN back into town to hit wally world- visit my friend and her beautiful newborn at the hospital- briefly- and RUN Billy back to school (late start for him.)

RUN to the elementary school to drop off flowers for the school nurse... its National School Nurse Appreciation Day... Did YOU say thank you?!?! Pick up JJ early to RUN to the dentist. Get a call on the way about forgetting a filed trip (oops!) Sit throuh the teeth cleaning of a three year old - with her know it all (and STILL loudest child on the planet) brother. RUN to get some lunch before the next medical appointment.

Get to a nice family resturant- order, RUN to the bathroom. Get our water, and start to color...RUN to the restroom. Get the meals, RUN back to the restroom. Threaten the lives of BOTH the shorties about how this was the end of the bathroom privilages (for the 2nd time) and head back to the table. Thinking I have totally lost control all the way back.

The kids eat their lunches, and the cell phone rings. I realize that I never really had control in the first place.

The check comes, the kids are fed... the seniors comment that they are "adorable"... and I still havent taken more than 3 bites if my salad. Box it up and RUN back to the doc's office. Cesear salad in a hot van for a "brief appointment" ... ummm yuck. Kinda made me miss all the unique smells of high chairs and exersaucer cleanings.

1.5 hour long dr appointment, 3 shots and and RUN back to town to pay some bills and get a phone call. Moooooooooom can you pick me up I missed the bus.

RUN back to pick up the teenager, and RUN home to throw something together for dinner- that didnt involve chicken, or salad. Sent the boy-wonder off with Daddy-o to baseball practice and I curled up on the couch.

Seems like I finally ran out of RUN.

Tomorrow looks interesting. Coffee is out- BUT I have the excitement of an 8am dentist appointment, a field trip, a late start school drop off, 3 more dentist appointments and a mini mental melt down ... just in time to RUN home make dinner and rush out for more baseball.

I probably could use a nap... if the insomnia would cut me some slack. :)

Maybe that Coffee needs to get back in there.

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