Monday, March 14, 2011


I keep hearing that positive thinking can change the world.

Not the "Im positive this SUCKS" kind of positive either. Thats the kind I seem to be practicing lately. And I am totally ready for a change.

New hair cut, new diet, new furniture arrangement... new outlook.

So my positive for today... hummm.

Today, I made an effort to help. I know I can't save the World, but there are things I can do to make it a little better. Today, I researched and found resources that can help- if she chooses to use them. I can't do much to fix the situation, but I can help point her in the right direction.

I have a cousin in trouble- and she's probably in more trouble than she realizes. Its sad, its hard to listen to- and its heartbreaking to know she probably wont accept the help being offered to her- especially when shes furious because its not just exactly what she wants.

She can't be with her kids right now- but they are safe. She is safe. Thats the most important thing. She has people who care about her, though she is sure that nobody does.

I am amazed how people will pull together to help. Even if its someone they don't know. I made some calls, talked to some friends... and then started to get calls- from people who wanted to help- or had information that they thought I needed.

Positive note of the day- there really are good people out there. Even when you feel the lowest there are people who care- Even if you dont know who they are.

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