Friday, March 18, 2011

What happened to Thursday?

My Thursday was a blur...

Work... Boys to Grandmas, me to the hospital for another breathing test. Doc was 90% sure I didn't have asthma- and this test was supposed to rule it out for good. It was a 5 part test- and I sailed through the first two parts.. the tester even started joking how it was just an expensive waste of time. Then came the first inhale of part 3... I siezed up and couldnt breathe. The next hour I spent on the nebulizer with the tester shaking his head. Evidentually that was the fastest reaction he had ever seen.

yes, I feel quite accomplished now. AND more than a lot wired.

THEN I had to rush and pick up the girls from the house, and then the teen and friend to drop them off at the concert in town. Bought bunk beds... went to a baby shower... came home and crashed.

nebulizer hangover headache. NOT a favorite.

Kids home, bathed, bed... I think I sat down at 8... woke up at 11 with the phone ringing. Time to pick up the boys.

Home again... and couldn't sleep.

Ahhh the joys of being me.

POSITIVE NOTE... I know for POSITIVE that I have asthma... and can work on figuring out how to deal with it, instead of thinking I do..or don't.

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