Saturday, March 19, 2011


I have no date... hahaha.

See what a little respitory medication can do to your sense of humor? NOTHING good!

Well, Friday was good... because it was Friday :) Came home to report cards and meds.. and a sick kiddo or two. Needless to say- the kids are still singing. For Now. The meds are keeping me breathing. For Now. And the sickos are doing ok... :)

Oh! I ran into an old friend yesterday, and got to visit of a little bit. Its always great to catch up, I love how all the memories come rushing back. It makes me sad that I have been out of touch with so many of them for so long. I know some pretty fantastic people... not to brag or anything :) Of course!!

It always amazes me the complete range of awesomeness that my High School friends have accomplished. Knowing them back then... who woulda thunk it, RIGHT? I know I never spent a lot of time wondering about what I wanted to be when I grew up. I had it all planned out...Solid Gold Dancer- DUh!! LOL

And I am in constant awe of the directions my friends' lives went. Talking with my friend, I heard the updates on even more friends and how, from this sleepy little town they somehow became State Troopers, Artists and Wildlife Photographers, Sports Announcers, Rock Stars, Medical Professionals, Terminal Students :), Archeologists,Builders and Electricians, Teachers, Military, Graphic Novelists, Travelers, Bankers and Real Estate, AMAZING PARENTS, and the Voices for Change. As well as everything in between. I can't even begin to say how proud of them I am- haha and I thought I had a pretty amazing go of it!

Back In the Day, all that seemed to matter was Athlete, Cheerleader, Brain, Cowboy, Loser, Wannabe. How silly that all seems now. Look at all the Amazing we were missing out on?! All those labels meant nothing. Didn't even begin to give a glimpse of what and who they really were/ and are.

I can't even imagine how many options are out there, that I know I never considered- Wow. Who would have thought that Selah Could have produced such a wide variety. Makes me wonder what my kids and their group of friends are going to do- how far they will go, and how limitless their possibilities really are.

If I can just get them off the couch ;)

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