Friday, March 11, 2011

Murphys whaaaaaaaaat??

Murphy don't got nothing on me :)

Country songs could be written about my life. Books could be written about all the stuff that goes on... but nobody would believe it. And it would all be funny- if it weren't always happening to me!!

After a great Smursday lunch, the van started to steam and spit. A part cracked spraying all my coolant OVER my engine... I thought flames were going to jump out any second. Have to call the Bob Squad to come and save the day.

When they say it takes a village- they were wrong. It takes the awesomeness o My kiddos decided baked potatoes sounded FANTASTIC, do in a little plastic bowl they put a teeny tiny potato, and put that into the microwave for 15 minutes. Neither survived and my house still stinks of burnt plastic. Didnt know how much a potato could look like a chunk of coal before.

Did I mention yet another coffee pot bit the dust?

LOL go figure.

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