Monday, March 7, 2011

Today is another day~

Back to work, busy is always good. Still feel like a newby some times, but days like today- I feel like I have earned my RN. Patients seen, phone calls made, paperwork worked on...running from start to finish- but the feeling of accomplishment is priceless. For a Monday- it weren't too bad.

It is also conference week for the short ones... which means race home from work to try and beat the bus home. Busy week- but then busy is good.

I have re-discovered that I have an amzing support system- and when things are the darkest, its hard to remember that. But they are still there- checking in on me, supporting me, reminding me that I am stronger than I think I am.

Its also nice to have old friends to talk to too- ones that haven't had to live through all my day to day drama- and are just there, and treat me like usual, rather than worrying about me all the time. That is nice to have as well.

The weather is nicer, the kids are running around outside, I have a chance to breathe- Things are looking up.

And its about time.

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